New Music – James Grantham & Dylan Louie ‘At Least For Now’

A slow burning smoke and whiskey infused blues jam that revels in the dark and dangerous husky menace of the powerful vocals.

It has a Tom Waits or Nick Cave slow and spooky swagger that dives deep into an anthemic and explosive chorus that makes the most of the majestic range of its voice.

Lyrically it has a poetic and profound wisdom that seeps into each line adding an enormous weight.

There is a rich narrative with a keen attention to the world building of the song. The protagonists pain is obvious and beautifully balanced by the belting emotive vocal performance.

The instrumentation simmers and sizzles at the bed of the track with a comfortable confidence. There are moments where particular riffs or lines are allowed to step into the limelight and each time they do they dazzle and flesh out the sound.

The depth of the soundscape becomes most apparent in the chorus which has this triumphant epic quality to it utilising haunting vocal choruses and chiming bells to create a valiant warcry.

This is music that oozes passion and prowess. Musicians that have mastered their individual medium and combine it in a momentous motif.

It pays homage to its influences but mixes in something very unique and utterly enchanting to cast a spell that will linger long after the play time is finished.

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