New Music – Astrixion ‘My Resolve’

Astrixion are firing on all cylinders from the word go with new release ‘My Resolve’. You can hear the gears turning to the metronomic drums but it’s when that electric riff shock kicks in that the monster comes alive.

When you get to the heavier end of the spectrum there are a few things you come to expect. Many bands and songs tend to end up ultimately sounding the same.

Astrixion separate themselves from the pack by diving into the more melodic and monstrous equally. In the beginning of the song we are treated to some Goblin-like screamo that would make Danny Filth proud, while later with the melodic breakdown we have a chance to hear some truly crisp and delicious vocals.

This changing of pace not only helps the song stand out, but the band too. It shows off a range that inspires the listener to dive a little deeper.

The guitar roars loudly throughout but it’s in the breakdowns that it really wails. In fact the whole band emerge from the shadows of heavy metal anonymity during these breakdowns. The first more subtle and soft and the second with juggernaut prog rock efficiency.

Lyrically the song takes shots at the weasels and worms that seek to exploit and manipulate those around them and positions itself as a beacon of righteous resolve.

Overall it’s a track with the raw power and electric entertainment that it would fit perfectly as a wrestlers entrance theme, if not for those insanely intricate and interesting breakdowns that elevate it to the next level.

Can’t wait to hear more.

Words by Matt Miles

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