New Music – Gabrielle Ornate ‘Rewrite The Rules’

Bubblegum sweet but with a spicy kick of fiery ferocity that crashes down with the thunder of the drums and howling call of the chorus.

The track explodes out of the speaker with the snarling sexy strings of the guitar. Now your attention is caught it subsides a little to fix you with the sultry smoothness of the vocals, beckoning you in closer.

Just as your lulled into the perfumed and hazy daze of the soothing call the carpet is pulled from under you as the song takes a sharp dive into the explosive force of the chorus.

Pushed back and safe from harm you can only watch on in awe as the pounding of the drums summons a primal and powerful force. The vocals retain the softness of the verse but with an energetic edge that is juddering and jagged.

The track is a testament to the range Gabrielle Ornate has, going from meek and melodious to belting beauty harnessing the passion from her pen and channeling it full fury into the mic.

An anthem for female empowerment and emancipation from a toxic relationship, Rewrite The Rules does exactly that. It isn’t hateful or hurtful, it’s hopeful. It gathers up the broken pieces and builds them back brighter, a glittering and resplendent mosaic of vulnerability, truth, strength, and resilience.

Not everything has to be a fairy tale, sometimes it can be much more badass.

Words by Matt Miles

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