New Music – Fox Fagan ‘Gotta Get Out’

Psychedelia doesn’t always have to be about trips to far out dimensions and chemically induced journeys. ‘Gotta Get Out’ takes the time to explore the most precious space of all, the galaxy of our own mind. Charting the struggle of maintaining creativity and excitement through the pandemic, it’s a brutally beautifully honest account of trying to stay out of your own way.

Taking influence from pysch-rock legends like Pink Floyd and Pond it brings together the music that helped get Fox Fagan (Teleskopes) through not just the most recent struggle but all those that came before. It’s honest appreciation, understanding, and love for the music is apparent in every note.

There is an almost operatic quality to the arrangement and progression of the track, it has a rich narrative and concrete lyricism that helps it to deliver the poignant self-examination that lies at its core. The instrumentation and production is spellbinding and the track continues to build and evolve throughout.

With every new flex, break, and riff the soundscape becomes richer until it explodes in the choruses with this cosmic energy that blasts it straight into another dimension completely.

Lyrically it has an almost mantra or chanting quality to it, with the repetition of the phrase “gotta get out of my mind, gotta get out of my own way today”, we are not just observers of the journey, but instead welcomed in to the healing process itself.

The music video for ‘Gotta Get Out’ is a work of art in itself. A delightfully trippy little journey through the headspace, influences, and obstacles that erect themselves in the way of true artistic expression.

Fox Fagan is a talented songwriter and the solo project shows a lot of promise. If you like what you hear you should also check out his three piece space rock group Teleskopes.

Words by Matt Miles

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