New Music – Elly Kace ‘Nothing’

Existing in an alternate dimension somewhere between the arty heart of Kate Bush and new age spirituality of Enya, Elly Kace weaves a beautiful tapestry built with emotive soaring vocals and deliciously soft instrumentation.

The track begins with the tickle of the drums, it’s soon joined by the pulsing electronica that fleshes out the sound. It is a beautifully produced journey rich with evolution and a progression that mirrors the open and honest lyricism and spiritual mantra that sparkles in the song’s soul.

Having to put her operatic career on hold due to the unforeseen circumstances enforced on us all by the global pandemic, Kace took this time to spend in self-reflection and discovery. While the darkness crept in, she managed to keep it at bay through expression and creativity. Channelling her meditative and yoga discipline into her music.

“My pain was a magnet
Now words fly from my body like nothing”

The album that has been born from this practise is one of healing, not just for it’s creator but for the happy hungry ears it finds its way into. It dances delicately on the classically appealing pop sensibilities of the instrumentation but lyrically it is profoundly poetic and powerful. Such open honesty is rare, and it’s a gift when someone shares so much of themselves in a positive manner.

This isn’t just powerful music, it’s philosophical poetry and deceptively deep. Soul food offered on a delicious platter of grooves and rhythm.

Words by Matt Miles

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