New Music – Dyzzi & Farazi ‘Vent’

With a keen ear for a scheme and a intricately tight flow Dyzzi is coming correct with a golden era glow radiating out. It has the feel good head bump of the old school MCs but with a modern twist and heartfelt honesty that lifts the message above the majority of the genre.

It’s rare that conscious hip-hop actually manages to practise what it preach and make you think. Dyzzi dazzles with a brutally beautifully honest examination of his own mental health and struggles both in his own life and the industry. Male mental health is something too many are still scared to speak out about and by sharing this experience with each other we can all help heal and evolve.

There is a poetry to the emotive honesty at the heart of the lyricism on these bars, they are skilfully penned with an intricate knowledge of multisyllabic schemes and delivered confidently with an accomplished flow. They slip effortlessly into the beat provided by Farazi and they fit together perfectly acting as a perfect mirror to one another.

There is an anthemic quality to the chant of the chorus and the message behind it that we all need to share ourselves with each other more openly and take the time to vent is a really important one. This is an excellent introduction to a young artist that bears paying attention to.

Words by Matt Miles

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