New Music – Emmanuel Simmons (The JazzEman) ‘Floating’

Playful and punchy pop punk with a riotous right hook chorus that will knock you senseless.

It starts with a familiar jangling strum on the guitar and the peppy humming of the main choral hook.

It’s stripped back and sounds incredibly raw, instantly connecting the listener with the artist allowing the DIY charm to summon them in a little closer.

Which makes it all the more explosive when the drums crash down with a ferocious force and the instrumentation and production steps it into overdrive.

The tone and distortion of the guitar once it has kicked in instantly establishes the pop punk sensibility of the track as it delicately dances through its roaring riff.

The vocals are incredibly clean with a softness that serenades and shows off the subtlety and wit of the lyric writing.

On face value it’s a punchy pop punk ballad about hooking up and falling in love at a party.

Delving a little deeper into the nuance of the track though it is actually a counter culture anthem describing loneliness, mental health, and a blossoming romance with good ol’ Mary Jane.

The song is equally emotive and resonant whether taken on the superficial surface level or on its deeper undercurrents and that is a mark of significant skill in its writing.

With its razor sharp ear hook chorus, creative and clever narrative, and passion driven power in the soundscape; this is a young talent we expect to hear a lot more from.

Words by Matt Miles.

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