New Music – Olivero & Alain Perez ‘Juntando Amores’

Smouldering at first, before igniting the beautifully kindled flame into a full and fiery fiesta.

The intricate instrumentation that has gone into this cascades from one section to the next with a torrent of passion.

Each individual movement of the song has an identity of its own but it comes together as a whole to beat it’s soul.

The introduction is a little meloncholic and bittersweet, but it shows off the skill behind the song writing with soft and subtle emotive expression.

When the song finds it’s stride though it hits with the sashay and saunter of its Spanish rhythm. The passion pierces through the speaker and hooks into your heart to pull you out of your chair and into the middle of the room to dance.

The strings of the guitar sing with a poetry that most lyrics struggle to find the words for. Deftly skipping along the frets picking out their own perfected and choreographed routine.

The music needs no translation, the vocals are rich with an emotive connection that communicates all you need to know as they effortlessly navigate their impressive range.

This is music that lights a fire underneath you. It’s inspiring, intricate, and immersive. You cannot help but be consumed by its flames.

Words by Matt Miles.

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