New Music – Ember Oceans ‘First Place’

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Ember Oceans have found themselves emerging into the Chicago indie rock scene at a rapid pace with sharp aesthetic and ear for a catchy hook. With their energetic live show becoming a staple of their local scene, the band continue to furrow their lane with new single ‘First Place’. Following on from their debut EP in 2015, this new single is surely a signal of a new body of work this year and feels like a true progression for a band that are already turning heads.

The upbeat, infectious energy is the first thing that strikes you about ‘First Place’, almost getting a little funky in places this synth-pop tune really holds a number of influences from a range of genres. Indie rock elements flood the track whilst the synth-laden hooks bring a retro feeling to the track, the vocals are soulful and the guitars bop with real vigour. You can really see how the band have made a name for themselves in Chicago becuase ‘First Place’ feels like the kind of song that would absolutely pop off at one of their live shows.

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