New Music – TheWorst ‘Jim’s Song’

TheWorst continue to establish themselves as a completely unique voice capable of powerful and poetic lyricism plunged deep into the common consciousness on the razor sharp tip of a grunge revivalist sound.

We were introduced to the band when we reviewed their last single ‘Vices’ earlier this year. There is a fire and ferocity to the growling aggression that is poured into every track that is enticingly exciting and it’s a fire that burns all the brighter for the fuel of the emotive and poetic lyricism behind it.

With the latest single ‘Jim’s Song‘ we see a slightly more sombre and subtle side to TheWorst. The guitar picks out this bittersweet melody that is full of the language of languishing anguish, it isn’t too long left dawdling with these maudlin notes though. At the call of the emotive vocal performance it kicks in with the rest of the track as it takes it up a gear.

There is a shuddering drum that pounds out the pace and progression of the track, which is met and matched by the equally juggernaut bass. Lyrically the song dances around the madness of losing yourself in someone else, it’s bittersweet and sharp as a tack.

With the loosening of restrictions TheWorst are looking to start touring and the release of the album is one that we at least are eagerly anticipating.

Words by Matt Miles

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