New Music – Drift Clique ‘Lifting Me Up’

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Drift Clique are an indie pop group coming from Minnesota, making some neat little bops with a nostalgic edge. Their latest single ‘Lifting Me Up’ comes as part of the new EP of the same title and gives a real taste of the retro tones they are putting together. The three piece look to use a mix of digital and analogue equipment to in order to give a extra depth to their work, and it clearly shows on the new material.

‘Lifting Me Up’ is a soulful look at the past and is a smooth and relaxed, synth heavy number. There is 50s and 60s influence in abundance but Drift Clique bring this through with a modern, almost lo-fi take on these classic sounds. It’s a head mover, a hip groover packed full of clean melodies and slick synths as well as a neat cameo from the horns. ‘Lifting Me Up’ is noting more than a feel-good slice of nostalgic indie, something for everyone and perfect for that summer playlist.

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