New Music – Creature Of Doom ‘Dead Ringer’

Feral and fuzzy bass vibrates through the speaker to shake a spine tingling soulful song that tickles your bones and prickles the skin. The effortless cool of the synth soaked sound mingles with the crooning vocals to strut a seriously sexy shape on the dancefloor.

Lyrically the song is an anthem for those who cannot get out of their own way. It is the thematic heart of the Creature Of Doom project as a whole and dives deep into the dark and shadowy insides of malicious mind to pick out a picture of clear thinking, clarity, and purpose.

Instead of wallowing in the despair and regret it uses these feelings to act as a call to action. It dances in the poetry of these hazy, dazes to create a montage of moments where momentum falters, but the chorus is an energetic flag waving to the tune of a brighter tomorrow.

The track begins with this haunting and other wordly electronic sonata of sounds that slowly build and amass under the whispering cool croon of the vocals. It hits the first chorus with the electric snap of the drums and bass as they cascade out of the speakers.

The track continues to merge, mingle, morph, and mutate as it progresses with an evolving urgency that sparks like a live wire with increasing tempo and energy summoned by the lyrical and vocal content.

Short but sweet this is sharp song writing that has been keenly edged with the raw passion and poetry that shaped it. It’s a unique sound that lands somewhere between disco groove and Tom Waits delightfully dark bar room blues.

Words by Matt Miles

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