New Music – Venus Grrrls ‘Sudocream Queen’

Growling and gritty this is a track that bares teeth and doesn’t mind at all that it still has the bone and flesh from its ferocious bite still stuck between them. Furious and feral, its message is delivered with righteous anger at the tip of a whirlwind of cascading instrumentation.

The song is a harrowing account of body image and the sharply barbed cruelty of the superficial and callous idiocy of the general populace. It paints a picture of the howling and frothy mouthed and aggressive hounds lurking at the periphery of even a casual night out.

Clearly holding nothing back in terms of lyrical content and raw power the song sees the vocals belting at full force through the chorus. The anthemic quality clearly felt as keenly on the mic as it is in the speaker and ear of the listener.

The track dives into itself at full velocity from the opening bar and it continues to smoulder and build until the climactic and explosive outburst of the chorus. The guitars are as distorted as the titular characters self image all fuzzy and ferocious, the drums pound out the easy strut of feet on pavement that cascade and whirlwind into each section with a flourish.

Beautifully honest, and painfully poignant this is music that isn’t meant to necessarily feel good or look pretty, it exists because it must, it doesn’t ask for or need validation on an aesthetic level. It is a heart song that buzzes with the electricity of its authenticity, it dazzles with its raw truth, and brilliantly broken toothed smile.

Words by Matt Miles

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