New Music – Cosmic Crooner ‘Popsicle Place’

Who is the Cosmic Crooner? An international spy and man of mystery? An intergalactic alien trying to ingratiate himself to the human race through beautiful homage to the music of the 60s and 70s? A pin up model hired to play face to an aged Bond movie music composer looking to revive his career? Whatever or whoever he is we’re very happy to sip slurp a sluice of his retro pop juice.

The track begins with the audible crackle of a film reel, which perfectly sets the mood for this cinematic audio journey. When the instruments come in the bed is this rich tapestry of lovingly crafted nostalgia. It has that sexy sultry spy movie feel but with a refreshing citrus twist. There is this ridiculously fruity little bass riff just dancing all over the top of the soundscape, it’s unignorably fun and whenever it drops out I miss it, luckily the rest of the track isn’t pulling its punches.

Both lyrically and vocally Cosmic Crooner serves up something unique and interesting. His voice is incredibly strong and he easily captures a crooning cool the likes of Sinatra. There are some truly impressive little flourishes that catch you off guard whenever you start to feel too comfortable, like the head voice shift phrasing for “creepy dudes”.

At about the 46 second mark the track starts to lift itself in pitch into a more galactic sound with this undulating groove that picks up and leads into the first chorus. The hook of the main reframe is just absolute nostalgic bliss. It’s so beautifully done that it just feels completely timeless and lets the listener join in on the journey.

This isn’t just homage, this is art, it transcends the labels that some might put on it and becomes something completely it’s own and utterly divine.

The music video is just as sepia toned as the music itself being shot on a film camera and only serves to add to the old school appeal.

Most people think time travel doesn’t exist. I disagree, this song is a scientific breakthrough.

Words by Matt Miles

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