New Music – Les Gold ‘Oh, Wolf’

The track starts already strutting through the forests of fairytales. That delicious little guitar riff has a swagger to it that reflects the bravado of the song’s subject. It is all shoulders and high knees as it marches to the page turning excitement of the drum shocks.

Lyrically the song is a cheeky inversion of Aesop’s “A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing”. The song speaks of someone who is more bark than bite and the gold teeth of this wannabe wolf are a clear veneer. There is some interesting wordplay and intricate little sections of confident rhyme all perfectly placed with excellent pace.

The instrumentation in the track like the fable storytelling of the song itself and evolves over the course of the track. When it comes to the chorus there is some gorgeous harmonies coming together as a collective to shame that wily wolf. There is also this cool echoed huffing and puffing in the bridge that just really adds another layer and must be so fun when done live.

This is really clever song writing, it has a narrative nestled into a timeless piece of intricate instrumentation and even comes packaged with a really catchy hook of a chorus to make sure the moral sticks in the listeners mind. It displays perfectly the bands skills with each made better supported by the other.

“Oh, Wolf,
Out In The Cold
Who fears you now?”

The song is a journey, a one that leaves you feeling richer for it. Every step provides new scenery and as you get closer and closer to the end you’re left with that bittersweet feeling of the finish you get with a good book.

Check out the song and let us know what you think and get ready for the bands sophomore EP.

Words by Matt Miles

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