New Music – Pedestrian Lifestyle ‘Nocturnal Sea’

The song begins with a ghostly choir before it’s joined by the fae bell jingle of guitar and the sharp crisp clip of the drums. Throughout the song there is the continuation of this siren-like pitched wailing vocal chorus. The track has an ethereal and dreamlike quality that resonates at a primordial level that gets the listeners hair to stand on edge. It’s exciting, atmospheric, and a little bit magical.

The build of the song is masterful, when it finally gets to the point of the first chorus at around the 1:30 mark, the track explodes with the energy that you’ve only felt tickling your goose bumped skin up until now. The drums dial up and then punch through alongside the frenetic guitar and dancing keys.

The vocals are filled with a quiet confidence, the lyrics are abstracted but not to the point of obfuscation. It’s poetic and powerful and when it comes to the chorus they begin a soaring flight that breaks through the cloudy sky with a heavenly light. The call back and interplay between the isolated vocals and harmonic backdrop is an echo that lets both shine a little brighter. There is a point where I think they rhyme that with that and the repetition feels a little clumsy, but the rest of the lyricism more than makes up for the slip.

It reminds me of early Snow Patrol on ‘Songs For Polar Bears’, it has this gritty amped up punk energy beautifully blended in songs that have an orchestral and anthemic quality too. It has a unique and fairytale like energy that allows the song to tell a story much more beautifully.

Words by Matt Miles

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