New Music – City Of Tyrants ‘Bloodlines’

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Here is a heavy slice of hardcore for you. It’s always a pleasure to have some decent heavy music filter through our inbox now and again and New Jersey based City Of Tyrants certainly peaked our attention. Their new single ‘Bloodlines’ comes from their debut album ‘Revelations’, which features a collaboration with Lukas Magyar, the vocalist of Veil of Maya, who helped co-write the vocals on the record.

The new release is a thunderous display of classic hardcore. Grinding guitars prop up deep, heavy vocals and despite the raw and gritty tone of the guitars they still offer that typical melodic edge that brings a certain groove to this genre. Rhythmically and dynamically ‘Bloodlines’ is everything you want from something like this and reminds you of the hay-day of this genre where bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive and the like dominated. Glad to see that bands like City Of Tyrants are still carrying the torch.

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