Track Of The Day – Dorm Patrol ‘Make EA Skate Again’

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Dorm Patrol are the Swedish pop punk band that describe themselves as “the result of skateboarding, video games and drinking way too much beer while listening to punk rock.” So it’s no wonder that their latest single is called ‘Make EA Skate Again’, a homage to the lack of quality skateboarding video games. To be honest there really hasn’t been much in the way of decent skateboard games since T.H.U.G but Dorm Patrol certainly revive interest in the genre with this future classic of a pop punk tune.

‘Make EA Skate Again’ quite literally belongs on the soundtrack of the video game that it is focused around. It holds all the keys to classic upbeat pop punk, hooky choruses and bouncy rhythms drive the track with a vigorous energy. Reminiscent of all the great bands that have been before – Bowling For Soup, Blink 182, Zebrahead, MxPx… the list goes on and on and Dorm Patrol stake a very, very strong claim to up there mixing with the best. Take this on face value, that is all you need.

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