New Music – Foundlings ‘Busan’

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Foundlings first found themselves in the rehearsal room in October 2017, a group of musicians drawn together by a desire to write, record and perform music. They quickly found themselves hitting the stage with a number of hometown shows and followed up with their debut release last year with ‘Misery’. Foundlings have since picked up a range of support on radio and online and have released a whole bunch of new music. having just released a brand new body of work the band show off their new single ‘Busan’.

The new single opens with a moody feeling, brooding, dark drums bring a welcome energy the underlines proceedings beautifully. As the song develops the guitars become moodier as dissonant chords ring out in a big fashion adding a sense of angst to the track. It all culminates into a hugely emotive rock anthem that has a certain hint of cult fandom about it, whilst maintaining a position within a more mainstream soundscape.


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