New Music Premiere – ROOM11 ‘We All Fall Down’ Single Review

Growling guitars grind their teeth with a ferocious frenzied feral aggression that pierces through the distorted fuzz of this truly monstrous sound.

The track begins at full explosive force, bursting forth from the speakers with the thunderous drums and endless energy that continues throughout.

The frenzy subsides just long enough for the carnage of spilled blood, gouged guts, and ruptured flesh to be laid bare. The brutal bones of the beat stick through the carcass to summon the beast that lurks even deeper in.

The prowling pounce of the vocals paw their way into the space ripped out of the track after the intro.

The verses carry all the same passion and punch as the chorus, but as Room11 coalesce into the phenomenal fury of the tracks peaks and climax they somehow turn up the decibel level with deafening skill.

It carries the feral funk flex of RATM, the two-piece thuggish thick texture of Royal Blood, and the punk punch poetry of IDLES.

We All Fall Down‘ is a whirlwind that whips the listener into it’s wicked winds and spits them out the other side stripped naked but completely charged up by the storms electric voltage.

The lyrics have a positive message delivered eloquently on the tip of the sharp edge of the bands weaponised sound.

It’s about allowing yourself to fall, but not spending any more time than necessary bemoaning how you got there before summoning the strength to stand.

This is a band with a sound that has clearly sharpened its teeth to the point that it sinks  into skin with an ever increasing hunger until it pierces and punctures your heart and soul.

This is sure to leave a mark.

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