New Music – Bror Gunnar Jansson ‘Spray It!’

The guitar growls with a prowling ferocity that is as sure footed as it is deadly precise. From the first strum you can tell this is an ancient and practised predator.

At its Valentine’s Day hallmark red heart this is a love ballad. But it borrows enough of the crimson and scarlet hues pumped straight from its rock’n’roll arteries to paint a more vivid picture.

It kind of sounds like The Black Keys to begin with, a bluesman who knows his genre so well he can fuzz it up and really kick the sound up a notch. Later in the song, when it dials the amps up to 11 and goes intergalactic it takes on the accomplished cool of acts like Brant Bjork.

Bror uses fairly simple language to tell his stories. It’s in the electricity of the emotion that he fuses into every line that really draws you in. The track is a live wire ready to shock you back into feeling after too long spent unknowingly numb.

The breakdown we mentioned before gives the track a different velocity altogether. It’s raw passion and it makes the super cool stomp of the track before all the more impressive knowing that it has the legs for that speed in a sprint.

This is blues revitalised. It’s nothing too fancy, just a man, a guitar, and a whole lotta heart. Who needs more than that?

Words by Matt Miles

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