Yack! Premiere: New Music – Dan Miraldi ‘Dance The Apocalypse’

“You play the game but you just can’t win.”

Dan Miraldi soundtracks the apocalypse with a hotfooted little bass riff that invites your feet to the dancefloor from the opening second. This is a track born out of those lockdown blues but the clever songwriting and lyricism give it life and legs far beyond that.

This track has a retro rock’n’roll nostalgia seeping from its fuzzy amps and bluesey riffs. The construction feels familiar but fresh, putting a new spin on that classic sound.

Vocally the song is summoning the poetic punk of the psychobilly movement. Miraldi is clearly having fun and the vocals are passionate with strong energy throughout. I really like the vocal vamp in the intro, shows off a much softer side to Miraldi’s voice and provides a different speed for the song itself.

Lyrically it’s very clever, with the song easily carving out it’s narrative in the monolithic rock riffs that provide its soundscape. Some of the most famous or vibrant dances or “scenes” came out of the hardest times. Dance is medicine, so get out that and shake a tail feather folks.

There is a fuzzy grungey feel to the track that mostly comes from its tone than its structure. It gives it a slightly different flavour that helps it stand out and make its own mark on the listener.

Dan Miraldi has been prolifically active during the pandemic releasing two albums and really putting some rocket fuel into his engine as an artist. ‘Dance The Apocalypse‘ marks a bit of a departure, it’s a new sound, much more high octane than before.

This is an artist not afraid to experiment. It’s an accomplished songwriter pushing themselves to the next level and it’s artfully done. It’s fresh, it’s fun, and it’s ferocious. The track bites into your flesh with feral teeth and doesn’t let go. That raw energy leaves a mark, and we wear it with pride.

Words by Matt Miles

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