New Music – Filip Dahl ‘Celebrating The Joy Of Life’

It’s not often you get a track that does exactly what it say’s on the tin, but this is it. We have all been going a little cuckoo trapped in lockdown and clearly Filip Dahl has spent that time just wailing seven shades of sunshine out of his guitar strings.

This instrumental track runs just shy of 4 minutes and we dare you to sit through it without a big ol’ silly grin on your face. It’s fun, it’s delightfully simple, and it’s lovingly produced. It might not be the most professional sounding thing you hear this year, and it definitely has that DIY home studio vibe to it, but who needs more that when you’ve got riffs that ascend the staircase of the Gods?

This Norwegian multi-instrumentalist plays the bass and synths on the track to great effect, they provide a rich backdrop for the real of the show to dazzle in front of. The guitar work on this track is phenomenal, it’s just ridiculous, soaring, effervescent with the joy of life even! As much fun as Filip Dahl is having playing it, that’s how much fun we’re having hearing him just flexing the heck out of it. I don’t even know the terms for all the technical wizardry on display here, but I know that it’s fairly epic.

It’s unfair to just paint the bass and synths as purely background noise though. At around the 2:14 mark there is a bridge that show fairly competently that he isn’t just playing them for added warmth, they are contributing the more bittersweet side of the song and joy itself to contrast with the guitars hotfooted skipping and dizzy twirls.

Nothing fancy, nothing pretentious, just good ol’ rock’n’roll. Put it in your ears and smile.

Words by Matt Miles

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