New Music – Walking Eyes ‘Take A Breather’

With it’s skittering starry soundscape this is a song that exists in a cosmic galaxy all of it’s own. Soaring vocals that sing a poetic narrative that dances delicately amongst delightful instrumentation.

It starts with the wiggling refrain on the guitar which is soon joined by the pounding drums to create a powerful bed for the lyrics to lie down in.

The vocal performance is confident, raw, and incredibly passionate. It brings to mind comparisons with truly iconic bands the likes of Jefferson Airplane.

It rides effortlessly atop a crisp and beautifully layered evolving musical starship to create a dreamy interstellar experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

The lyrics ask some fairly profound and philosophical questions that beg the listener to come along for the soul searching journey.

Walking Eyes are timeless, they sound like the beyond to the old soul greats of the past but serve up enough of a modern twist to keep it utterly enchanting.

Words by Matt Miles

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