New Music – Beach Of Diamonds ‘Up All Night’



Beach Of Diamonds, the newest band to come out of Norway, formed on a chance encounter at their local rehearsal studio. Having heard each other through the walls of the studio, the band quickly realised that they should be playing together and now here they are fully formed and ready to show the fruits of their labour with Beach Of Diamonds first track of 2019 ‘Up All Night’. The release comes out via Mayen Records and follows on from the successes of their opening releases that have been praised across Norwegian radio.

Nostalgic hints of the glory days of pop punk shine through on ‘Up All Night’. The single is a pure sing a long, bursting with the energy you would expect from the genre it sits within, and wholly reminiscent of bands like All Time Low. Pulsating drums really set the tone for the track that grows into something of anthemic quality and sets an incredibly high-standard for a band that have quickly honed in on their sound.

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