New Music – Come At The King ‘Shudder’




Come At The King are a London based trio who are aiming to bring a brand of explosive rock through a steady stream of live shows in the capital and beyond. The new single is just the second offering from the band and it shows a dark edge to their output. Citing influences such as White Stripes and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the three piece bring energy and grit to the table with ‘Shudder’.

A real slow burner that broods under a cloak of dark energy, ‘Shudder’ is a visceral track full of steady intent and power. There is a tendency to over produce slower tracks but Come At The King keep a raw, DIY feeling about ‘Shudder’ that adds another layer of fist clenching angst about it, drawing you in before spitting you out with strong, explosive choruses. With surely more releases ready to unleash, Come At The King have built a sold foundation for their brand of melodic, heavy rock to thrive.

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