New Music – A Place To Bury Strangers ‘I’m Hurt’

A prowling, growling, frenzied and feral energy lurks beneath the thin veil of this dangerous daggering dirge of emotive wailing instrumentation.

Diving deep into the daunting dark and dissonant din that roars at the heart of the sonic soundscapes APTBS are famous for, track bounces the dagger in the back brutality of betrayal with a more familiar yet shattered sound.

Lyrically it languishes in the pain that laps at the soul torn all the deeper for the love that it tore through. With repetition and an emotive yet numb delivery it pounds its head against the wall of noise layered underneath.

When held up against the other releases from the upcoming release it holds up a mirror to the more meloncholy and mature themes of pain and loss. It also has a much more aggressive return to the feral and ferocious sound the band are known for.

The new album promises to delve into new territory while still haunting the hallowed halls of the iconic caustic and chaotic instrumentation the band are famous for.

Words by Matt Miles.

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