New Music – Ariane Gabriel ‘Pathetic’

Creeping in with the warbling synths there is a fuzzy dissonance to the build of Pathetic which is utterly torn apart by the pure raw power of the lyricism and ferocious guitars.

The track has an open vein honesty that bleeds into every line holding nothing back. The vulnerability in the lyrics is wielded with confidence and force managing to channel it and find comfort in a feeling that most would shame.

The chorus is the culmination of the theme as we hear Ariane break down and admit that these needy and unwanted feelings are uncontrollable and pathetic. It is tender but with a growling ownership and power leant by the hooky melody and juddering guitar.

The track feels like an ode to the Avril Lavigne era of powerful female led pop punk, but instead of posturing songs that try to paint a pretty picture of cool, Pathetic goes the other way and it’s much more mature song writing because of it.

With an addictive hook, gorgeously pitched vocals, heartbreaking poetry in the lyrics, and perfect power pop production, you couldn’t ignore this “Pathetic” cry for your attention if you tried.

Words by Matt Miles.

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