New Music – Maejis Mind ‘What’s Worth It’

A sonic soundscape with kaleidoscopic breaks, it builds to throbbing climax with wiggling electric lead lines and chanting hypnotic vocal choruses.

It starts out with a classic 60s psychedelic strut that quickly evolves into something a little funkier at the bubble of the bass. The guitar has a fuzzy distortion that echoes through the electronica.

When the vocals join they are surreal and haunting, like a dream of an echo or a shadow of a memory. The track is layered masterfully with each individual sound given its turn in the sun to shimmer.

There is some truly tasty guitar work going on throughout but there are two points in which it saunters with swagger to the centre of the sound. In these freaky funky frenetic solos you get a taste of the passion and power poured into the instrument.

The track has this winding weaving vibe that snakes into every atom of your soul. It’s a trip that takes great pleasure in the journey but the climactic destination is just as awe inducing.

Words by Matt Miles

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