New Music – Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice ‘Infinite Growth’

With a ridiculously fruity little bass and the funky flex coming in on the synths and the walking guitar riff from the outset this track sets itself as a little bit wonky and weird. It serves up a beautifully gorgeous selection of sounds from a mix of genres and brings them together with a seriously spiky punk attitude to create something much more powerful than the sum of its parts.

At the core of the song is the razor sharp lyricism, the preposterous system of wealth and capitalism locked in its crosshairs the track proceeds to ignite and burn it down to the ground. There is serious fire and caustic venom in the pen and it is a lovingly laid powder keg hidden under the carnival of parliament of the modern world.

The song may at first seem quite restrained but as it builds its furious and righteous anger does too and when it culminates it soundtracks this explosive outburst that sees all instruments and vocals lifting into this ordered chaotic spiral that screams out so serenely.

It has this poetic punk swagger in the vocals that lets each line sink in. Every word enunciated and weaponised to hit the ear of the listener with the force it deserves. The song doesn’t try to put it’s own agenda bluntly but rather lets the ridiculousness of the system itself dig its own grave. It’s clever song writing and the sardonic wit shines through.

Favourite passage for both content and delivery:
Chasing infinite growth on the balance sheet
But there’s no infinite growth for the coral reef
Chasing infinite growth and dirty energy
But there’s no infinite growth if it’s clean and free
Chasing infinite growth for the ultra stealthy, wealthy,
But the infinite growth don’t extend our welfare, healthcare, hell yeah!

It’s weird and wacky but wonderful and well-crafted. It takes the ultra-cool of the over-synthed 80s and mixes it in with the viciousness of the punk explosion of the same era. This is something new, something nuanced, something that makes you think as much as it makes you want to move your feet and it’s ludicrously lovely to listen to.

Words by Matt Miles

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