New Music – Mogli ‘Bones’

A songwriter with the skill to score the shattering of their soul and then hold up the sparkling shards to glisten in the light of a newly found sun.

Bones‘ is the fourth installment of Mogli‘s multimedia masterpiece that already makes good on the promise of its premise in both the epic scope and story, and it’s still less than halfway told.

The 10 part dystopian film/cinematic album charts the artists break from a toxic relationship, struggle with depression, and the slow but steady realisation of self worth and identity.

The four parts that have already been released are a creative and collaborative work of art that realistically has no comparison or reference. It is as much film, as it is song, as it is dance, as it is poetry, as it is theatre.

Reviewing ‘Bones‘ as an isolated chapter can be done, but it is doing a disservice to the gorgeous world building and honest heartbreak that pulses at the core of the whole.

Lyrically ‘Bones‘ sees Mogli waking up from the fugue state of emotional suppression in depression and the repression of mind and soul suffered in the clenching clutch of a toxic relationship.

On release, as the fear of freedom begins to fade, you can see the embers of passion and poetry begin to reignite. Yet the flow of feelings that used to be navigated with intuition, insight, and knowledge of self are muted and muffled by the deafening din of the doubtful voices still echoing in the head of the recently depressed.

Every line can be read as an empowering mantra or as scornfully snide. It is nuanced and new, dancing in the dissonance of its unsure sureity.

The soundscape is equally subtle and soft yet packed with the powerful pulse and arterial flow that pounds out the raw and pure rhythm of the emotion poured into it.

It begins with the tickle of a surreal dreamlike reverie, as it builds the prickle of crisp drums pierce and puncture the fairytale with a building pressure that explodes with full force in the chorus.

Everything about this project is unique, from the method of release, the breadth and scope of its narrative, and the bone chilling honesty at its heart.

Mogli is boldly striding forward barefooted into unknown territory and from what we have glimpsed so far it is a journey that will be breathtakingly beautiful to behold.

Words by Matt Miles.

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