Live – Travis Bretzer @ Green Door Store 22/09/13

Lurking deep below Brighton train station on this particular Sunday evening, you could find a smiley young Canadian man. Is he Ok? Was he trapped? And why is he smiling if he’s trapped? So many questions.. That would be because he is not trapped, he was in fact playing sweet sweet music for the people of Brighton.

The smiley Canadian was Travis Bretzer, and he was playing the first date of his European tour at Brighton’s Green Door Store.

As Travis and his band of 2 break into the contagious Hurts So Bad, it is clear that Travis has undressed these songs somewhat. In the absence of his crazy modulation effects, that leave you wondering if your speakers might be busted, Travis and his band manage to perform his songs with the same charm and charisma that captured everyone’s attention with his ‘Making Love’ EP.

Travis is quite the entertainer too – his energy and humour result in universal Cheshire grins throughout the intimate venue. The toe-tapping ratio is at around 80% – pretty darn good!

Travis soon has the room in the palm of his hand and everyone at the show, Travis included, seems genuinely excited to be there.


Words by Luke Holbrook

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