New Music – Kilkovec ‘Name Your Place’ (Album)

Kilkovec introduce themselves to the world like a frat boy at a party, by shaking up a bottle of beer, cracking it open with their teeth and then spraying everyone in the close vicinity. Serving up turbocharged riffs and sleazy easy jams, the ‘Name Your Place E.P’ is a ballsy slice of head nodding righteousness.

You can listen to the first three tracks of the E.P on soundcloud here. Now if you are too busy to dedicate twelve minutes from your busy schedule to listening to new music for free, or if you’re just waiting till you get home so you can crank this bad boy out with the volume dial hammered to eleven on your speakers back home, we’ll give you a little taste right here.

Track one is titled ‘Feels Like Home’ and it already does. Grabbing you by the balls and punching you in the face repeatedly with guttural and dirty guitar riffs, Kilkovec layer this with an anthemic chorus and catchy hooks, you already feel like this E.P has been sitting in your CD rack for a long time.

Opening track two ‘Take It Easy’ with the lyrics “Say hello to the world,” Kilkovec are laying out their dogma, which is apparently a raucous yet melodic auditory thrashing. Taking it far from easy themselves the track builds itself into a frenzy which climaxes in a couple of breakdowns that introduce you to the second vocalist in Kilkovec, kick ass riffery and solos. Saying just as much with words as they do with their axes, ‘Take It Easy’ fills you up with a kinetic energy that you have to release through at the very least sober head bobbing, ideally by standing the fuck up, punching the air and partying your ass off.

‘This Evening’ is both the most sporadic and the most melodic track on the E.P, the drums and guitars seem to just do whatever they want and soar sonorously to a punchy rhythm, what it lacks in lyrics it makes up for in cat calls and the track almost becomes a cheeky flirt, daring you to look it in the eyes and lie that you weren’t just tapping your foot.

This E.P is reminiscent of an early Snow Patrol (we’re talking ‘Songs For Polarbears’) or McClusky, there’s an energy, heart and message. The Alternative punk rock label gets bandied around a lot, often to bands that don’t really live up to it, Kilkovec do, do yourself a favour and get this E.P into your collection in time for summer, because this E.P has good time sunny evening drinking written all over it.

Words by Matt Miles.

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