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We chatted to Kilkovec as part of our Featured Artist Fridays. Robb Hiscock interviewed Dan Wilson, Matt Stroud and Matt Kelly, in classic Yack fashion (not very well).

You’ve built up quite a following and received good reviews, so what’s next for Kilkovec?

DW: Currently we’re working on the follow up to our previous EP with a 6 tracker under the working title of “Sick Of This” we’ve got half the tracks recorded and are in the final stages of writing the next 3 to be recorded. We’ll be doing a video for one of the new songs and possibly a second as well as bring out some merchandise.

How will the new E.P follow on from ‘Name Your Place’?

DW: The plan is to have it sound like a progression from the last one so It’ll sound like we’ve grown and matured as musicians and people but still have some of the previous sound for the fans to recognise. The songs are more influenced by ourselves whereas the last EP was more influenced of our perception of things so to speak. The idea of the title behind it comes from themes of identifying your flaws and either learning to get rid of them or live with them.

What are your flaws?

DW: The ones I used to inspire material on the EP are my indecisiveness, trying to please to many people, being cynical, overthinking to the point it keeps me up at night, running from my problems and more comically falling for people under the influence.

How often do you all shower together?

MS: We’ve all been together in a bath before for an interview, that was an interesting experience

So it’s not a regular thing?

MS: Not currently but you never know…..

Shame. What or who influences you to make music?

DW: A range of things really, I listen to quite a lot of music, watch a lot of TV and films, try and always be reading something and pay attention to what’s going on in people’s lives etc., and I find it all has an influence on either the music or lyrics I write.

Is it just you who gets involved in the writing process? Or does everybody bring something different to the table?

DW: I tend to write most of the lyrics, but the music usually comes from like an idea one of us has that we then try to create a song around. Even if one of us writes a whole song or most of one, it’s never exactly the same when we try and make it into a song for the band.

 How have you developed your writing since ‘Name Your Place’?

DW: I’d say we have a better sense of direction, we’ve looked at bands that we sound like and bands we wanted to be like to establish what we are as a band but in order to stay different we listen to a whole load of stuff to find ideas we could apply to our sound.

You’re in an alley way, you bump into Hulk Hogan. He’s drunk. He wants to steal your wallet. What do you do?

DWI’d like to think I’d say “Don’t you have enough money of your own” and hope he sees sense, but probably just hand it over trying not to break down in tears.

Same situation, this time it’s Carol Vorderman…

DW: Probably freeze and get speechless and she’d be able to just take it from my pocket.

Where can people see you play next?

DWWe just confirmed a gig on the 13th of May supporting Brawlers at Guildford Boileroom, which we’re quite excited about.

Finally, is punk dead?

DWIn a sense, I feel it’s a lot more contrived than it used to be, and there’s something about modern production that I feel is really taking the heaviness away from it, but there’s still some bands keeping it real I guess.

Like yourselves?

DW: I guess. I like to, at least, think so.

Words by Robb Hiscock

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