How To: A Guide to D.I.Y Cults

I recently became a bit obsessey about cults, and have put together some tips for starting your own at home. This might take up to 30 years of your life, but it will probably be worth it.

Step 1
Charismatic Leader


No cult would work without a good frontman/woman. Think of the most charismatic person you know. If that person isn’t you, then you need to locate this person and somehow convince them to do your bidding.

Step 2

A BIG Idea


Jim Jones started off with a church that didn’t discriminate against race or creed and then moved into communism, and the Heaven’s Gate had a great story about aliens and a new planet. Your idea needs to be BIG, and just on the edge of believable.

Step 3
Loyal Followers


Mansun found his followers in the acid-hippie scene of 60’s California. Heaven’s Gate attracted members from the computer-geek heyday of the late 80’s/early 90’s internet pioneers. Find a scene to promote your BIG idea. Maybe move to California, as it appears to be the cult recruitment capitol of the world.

Step 4
Money and a Cult Commune


Get some high-profile followers to sponsor your good work, and then buy a BIG house somewhere secluded with laws that allow you to live how you choose. Maybe recruit some architects and builders to create a town or mansion. Communal living is a good option as the followers could encourage each other to be good cult members.

Step 5
A Way to Make Your Followers VERY Loyal


To alienate your followers from the world outside the commune you could keep them locked away, but this could cause a lot of bad press and prevent you from gaining support. The best way would be to make them have a nice time so they don’t want to leave, whilst convincing them that the world outside is either very bad, or a waste of their time. Maybe offer them some hard work, or some creative work. Use the money from their work to get more followers and communes.

And there you have it, your very own cult.

Words by former cult enthusiast Doris Daze

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