New Music – Kavo (Ft. RA) ‘Airforce One’

With its energetic bounce, weighty hook, bold honest lyrics, and nuanced maturity in the messaging, this is a young artist with a wisdom, skill, and voice way beyond his years.

The voice of the youth and the flag bearer of the drill scene of the future, Kavo has already put in the hungry hustle to build enough respect to pull in the legendary RA as collaborator on his latest release ‘Airforce Ones‘.

Lyrically it revolves around the concept of the different routes we take to get to the place we want to be. It uses the framework and stereotype of the Black Forces meme to tell a story of growth, rep, and necessity in the hood.

The track begins lacing up the White Air Force 1’s kept dutifully clean out of the respect for the grind and grit it took to get there. When something is truly earned it exists with a reverence in the heart of those that attained it.

To those coming from a place of privilege, a life where when shoes wear out you just get bought a new pair, the concept of having to put on the Black Forces will never truly make sense.

Kavo and RA manage to present the honest hustle of the hood but don’t glamourise it. It’s a poetic and nuanced message that while the chorus hook focuses on the literal black and white of the shoes, the depth in the verses deals with the grey areas and meaning that exist in between.

The beat has this beautiful build that propels the energy in the vocal performance. It has a richly woven and intricate amount of instrumentation and layering.

There is a wooden percussive melody which if played on a marimba, represents Kavo‘s Rwandan heritage resonating through and providing the heart of the song.

Words by Matt Miles

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