Yack! Tracks Of The Year 2018 // #3 Mummy ‘Electricity’




This track has been an absolute staple for us in 2018, MUMMY’s ‘Electricity’. It’s keeps to the punchy and aggressive sound that these guys are been producing over the last couple of years. It tears through riffs like there’s no tomorrow and is full of high octane choruses that leave you gasping for breath. On top of this ‘Electricity’ holds on to it’s melodic core, despite it’s chugging verses and raucous bridges.

Coming off of the Peckham four-piece’s ‘Mums The Word’ EP that was released at the start of the year, ‘Electricity’ sat next to three other killer tracks including the Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes-esque ‘Hey’ – Which in itself is fist to the floor, balls out track that just doesn’t let you rest. MUMMY also incorporate such simple but intensely effective true-to-life lyricism, commenting on the least desirable parts of this society we live in to create a charmingly aggressive aesthetic that is too easy to buy in to.

Long live MUMMY.


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