Yack! Tracks Of The Year 2018 // #1 Trash ‘All I’ve Got To Do Is Forget You’

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How could we sign off on 2018 without remembering one of our favourite bands that is sadly no longer with us. TRASH have been on our radar for a few years now and it was with great regret that we saw the Sheffield outfit disband earlier this year.

Before briefly reforming for one final, chaotic show, TRASH left us with a three track EP that was filled with the woozy, spaced out and catchy style of indie that we came to love these guys for. On that EP there sits a tracks called ‘All I’ve Got To Do Is Forget You’ – A breezy introspective look into happiness and love, themes that have run throughout TRASH’s music from the beginning. Perhaps this is why the guys had such a dedicated cult fan base and admirers from across the world, or perhaps it was the sheer charm that the four-piece exuded. Whatever it was we are sad to see them go, and it is with great pride that we should honour their farewell by naming ‘All I’ve Got To Do Is Forget You’ as our Track Of The Year’.



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