Yack! Artists Of The Year 2018 // #9 pizzagirl

pizzagirl blossom at my feet, flower press shot (c) Ross Carrigan



What a year this young pizzagirl has had – two EPs, praise from NME, DIY, Noisey and The Guardian, and a Christmas single. Is there anything that this Liverpool based bedroom popper hasn’t done already and all just in a single calendar year. His sound cuts through the decades, picking up influences as he goes, and all the while has been cultivating a loyal cult following.



Making his tunes in the self-dubbed Beatzzeria, pizzagirl delivered his first slice of music (see what we did there) in the form of the ‘An Extended Play’ EP and, following a steady stream of singles, has closed out the year with the ‘Season 2’ EP. Infused with the sounds of the the 80s, pizzagirl is coming hot on the heels of similar emerging cult stars like Boy Pablo and Bane’s World, whilst putting it down with his own personal pepperoni twist. Watch this space in 2019 this will blow.

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