Track Of The Day – Yawners ‘Please, Please, Please’

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Yawners are the Madrid based duo comprised of Elena Nieto and Martin Muñoz and their new single ‘Please, Please, Please’ came out merely days ago. It is the latest release from their upcoming album called ‘Just Calm Down’ and they are already living up to the caparison that have been made between Husker Du, Blink-182 and themselves with a dark, grungy pop sound.

‘Please, Please, Please’ shows of a range of influences, there are the moody, dissonant guitars that bring in feelings of more recent Foo Fighters songs but as the song develops there is more of a grunge-era tone that creeps in. However Elena’s vocal adds a more pop focused edge with melodic intent and a clean, clear and soft delivery. Then there is inflections of 00s pop-punk in the bridges that wouldn’t feel out of place on Sum 41 track. Overall though, Yawners create something quite intriguing, even nostalgic in places but whilst keeping a firm grip in the present.

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