Track Of The Day – Melby ‘You’ll Be Lost’




Here is a smooth little beauty from Swedish band Melby. The four piece have been picking up praise from the likes of Clash Magazine and The Line Of Best Fit among others and are clearly putting out the kind of music that will be catching the eyes and ears of many more critics over the coming months. The new single comes as the focus track from the band’s new album ‘None Of This Makes Me Worry’ which was released last week.

‘You’ll Be Lost’ is a soft and mellow track but it also holds an energy that bubbles under the surface and keeps you engaged throughout the track. The track is awash with vintage sounds, surf rock influenced guitars noodle around crisply, while the vocal paint a beautifully retro tainted picture. The dynamic of the track is striking although not immediately apparent, verses are ever so soft while the choruses build into something quite loud and playful but where this noise develops isn’t obvious on first listen. Go check this album out you won’t be disappointed.

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