New Music – Spectator ‘A Dream Of You’




Spectator are a husband and wife dream pop duo coming out of St Louis and their latest single ‘A Dream Of You’ leads the pair to the release of the new album ‘Charlie, Baby’. Having met in 2006 the couple didn’t release music until their debut EP emerged in 2012, they have since gone on to share the stage with some incredible acts such as Cotton Jones, Tennis, Gardens and Villa, Louden Wainwright, and Kate Nash whilst continue to disseminate their brand of exploratory dream pop.

‘A Dream Of You’ is underlined by gritty guitars that trudge away creating a deep energy for the rest of the track to feed off of. The vocal lays subtle, yet raw and with its own powerful tone that is beautiful and enthralling in equal measure. Beyond this the intricacies of the track are deep with noodling guitars bringing a dreamier feeling to the table and scratchy effects wash the vocal with a vintage glaze. Simply stunning.

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