Track Of The Day – Magdalena Bay ‘Only If You Want It’




There wasn’t a chance that we could let the new Magdalena Bay track slip us by, so we thought we’d whip up a track of the day storm. We have been big fans of these guys since we caught wind of their single ‘The Girls’ last year, they bring a stunning mix of cheesy pop and modern synth sounds together to create lo fi gold. Having made their name apparent on Hype Machine through consistent #1 and top ten charting singles they are every internet music blogs secret (or not so secret) crush. There is a charm about these guys that is ever present in their tongue in cheek delivery of masterfully crafted tunes.

‘Only If You Want It’ is just another heater from the duo filled with those 90s pop tropes that have become Magdalena Bay’s signature. It’s glittery, sparking synths bring home the vibrancy that pours from the pair, it’s gorgeous unadulterated pop with a hint of that modern lo fi sound to bring it around full circle. These guys will continue to put out incredible music, they’ll continue to grow in their own special way and they will soon be recognised by the upper echelons of this industry as serious throwback talents.

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