Track Of The Day – La Bouquet ‘Sad People Dancing’

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La Bouquet are a three-piece out of L.A. creating “emotional songs you can dance to”. Delivering broad and atmospheric soundscapes to a delicious mixture of indie rock and pop sensibilities.  Talk on their sound the band state “Obviously, there’s an eighties influence. At the same time, we also come from that punk ethos. We don’t want everything to sound TOO perfect. We just want every note to evoke some sort of emotion.”

New single ‘Sad People Dancing’ is the latest of a long line of releases stretching back to their early work in 2016. Emerging with crisp, clear vocal and 80s infused drum machines, the track quickly develops an indie-er edge with soft, noodly guitars leading the way. Drenched in retro synths and full of hooky chorus melodies, ‘Sad People Dancing’ will quickly turn to happy people dancing.



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