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The Best Souvenirs For Your Trip To Ireland

If you’re planning a trip to The Emerald Isle you will be wanting to bring back some treasures as valuable as the dazzling views. A good souvenir doesn’t have to break the bank to be worth the baggage space. Here are a few of Yack magazine’s top tips for mementos luckier than lips to the blarney stone, and mighty memorable enough to battle the black hole in your brain caused by one too many Guinness.

Lucky Local Coins

Gone are the days when you could go to another country and rely on your charm, wit, or skillful bartering of services. If you’re headed to Ireland from somewhere far away simply keeping back a couple of pennies from the trip is a great way to take a trip down memory lane. If you want something even more special then you should keep your eyes peeled as you walk the streets to “find a penny, pick it up, and all day long, you’ll have good luck.” If you need coins that are even luckier than that though keep an eye out for a rainbow and you might just be able to follow it to a full pot of some Leprechaun’s secret stash.

Turn Your Photos Into A Work Of Art

Ireland is famous for having some of the most breathtaking views and scenery. There is something truly magical at play, the greens are a little greener, the skies are a little brighter, and if you manage to come away without an entire museum exhibit worth of pictures you’re stronger than most. When you get home why not pick out your favorite holiday snaps and have them turned into art? Doesn’t matter about the resolution or your photography skill, as long as you captured the mood and vibe of your favorite Ireland memories you can have it turned into something every bit as breathtaking as the real thing.

An Awesome Authentic Aran Knit Sweater

The Aran sweater is instantly recognizable, it’s unique patterns can trace back to its ancient heritage and provide it with a long-lasting durability that ensures you’ll never need to buy another. It is warm when it needs to be, breathes when it needs to, is water-resistant, stretch-resistant, and charmingly compliments any style. Why not take a memento that gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of actual warm fuzzy feelings? You can buy authentic Aran knit all across England, Scotland, and Wales, but you can’t get it any more honest than if you buy it from the Irish artisans themselves.

Beautiful Bespoke Irish Jewelry Is The True Gem Of The Emerald Isle

Whether it’s a Celtic cross or a fine filigree piece of silver, there is a treasure trove of amazing artisans all over Ireland offering something shiny to put on your person and take with you wherever you go. Jewelry makes for an excellent souvenir and if it’s particularly unique or eye-catching you are sure to be able to recant the tale of its origin to the many magpie-eyed marvellers who are caught in the awe of its charm. If we have one piece of advice, it’s that you should be sure to buy your jewelry after a particularly heroic, legendary, or impressive adventure, so that your story will be as beautiful as your souvenir.

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