Rambling Rich: Twisted Eurovisions

We’re stuck with shit politicians we didn’t elect, shit TV personalities we didn’t want to watch, and shit music we don’t want to listen to. We’ve got a political shit in our mouths, and another is about to be served up to us.

Rambling Rich: Trump & Circumstance

Here we are, the morning after the night before, after the election before, after the campaign trail before. We saw it coming. More than anyone ever did, we saw it coming.

Universal Truths

The young are about to be stung by yet more decisions made that are as much “in their interest” as an arranged marriage to Ted Bundy would have been.

Rambling Rich: Mosquitoes and race riots

At some point, Matt is going to write me a politely worded E-Mail that basically alludes to him telling me to stop sending him hate mail. Once again, he wakes up to find the badly (scratch that, read un-) edited ramblings of a beer fueled lunatic screaming vengeance at him via poor writing software such as…

Referflection: One Man’s Musings

Fuck. Fuck. Firstly because this computer is on. I promised myself that if the computer wasn’t on I wouldn’t bother opening it up and typing this on it. Fuck again becuase I have to use notepad, and despite extoling it’s virtues to a good friend just hours ago, I now rue the day I ever…

Yack Does Politics: The EU Referendum

Pubs, bus stops and street corners across the nation are murmuring with the unhushed buzz of the EU Referendum. Everyone has an opinion and for the most part they are incredibly keen to share that with you; it’s unavoidable. Here’s ours:

Office Argument Personalities Explained

We’ve all been there, the office argument. Tensions are always high in the workplace and this often leads to knee-jerk reactions and arguments. Although on the surface an office argument seems like a simple, heated exchange between two colleagues, there are certain traits these people display that offer an insight into their true colors. Sit…

Yack Gets Political

The hype for this election has been building into a frenzy… well more of an inevitable fizzle really but the showdown tomorrow is at least sure to be a little more interesting than that let down of a MayPac match. The radical in us has become quite taken with the almost anarchistic reform outlined in the…

All Hail Our New Almighty Overlords: UKIP

The world of politics is a murky, shark infested ocean, one most of us are too afraid to dip our toes into, let alone strip buck naked and go for a swim. We’d rather stay here on the beach and hope that no one notices that we’ve elected to not bring a swimming costume, because…