Office Argument Personalities Explained

We’ve all been there, the office argument. Tensions are always high in the workplace and this often leads to knee-jerk reactions and arguments. Although on the surface an office argument seems like a simple, heated exchange between two colleagues, there are certain traits these people display that offer an insight into their true colors.

Sit Down Shouter

These are strong people, that give zero fucks what their workmates think of them. Staying seated during an argument is a brave move it shows a careless attitude and shows any adversary that you are the fucking boss. You see, sitting down shows you are not intimidated by larger, more dominant folk. This act of submission actually shows you are in fucking control… you are the fucking man. Few sit down shouters will lose their battle. Stay Strong, stay seated.

Get Up, Stand Up

These standing types are all the same, mid-argument they will stand up to try and assert their dominance. The only problem is that when they come across a sit down shouter they will meet their match. This is generally due to the fact that if you need to stand up to make yourself seem bigger than your opponent, means that you have a much, much smaller penis. Like tiny.

The Joker

There is nothing worse than getting into an argument with the joker. Whatever heavily charged point you have to take them down, they will counter with a witty quip or crude joke. This essentially means that your issue, however serious, will be turned into some point of humour by this little asshole. The biggest problem is that the angrier you get, the funnier you make their jokes, and it’s pretty difficult  not to get angry.

Pass The Blamer

The classic spineless piece of shit. Picture the scene, you’re angry… emotionally charged, ready to start a full blown office argument. Only the person you are about to accuse of wrongdoing passes the blame to somebody else. You approach the new culprit and after a lengthy discussion you realise it was in fact the first person you confronted’s fault. Pass the blamers are the assholes that make you look like an ignorant butt sniffer.

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