Featured Artist Friday

Featured Artist Friday: Chris Rivers

Hip hop is a genre that struggles to find its wings a little live sometimes, whether it’s inaudible sound levels making the verses blurry or a lacklustre approach and inattention to showmanship sometimes it can fail to make an impression. Chris Rivers however knows how to let his music soar live, pumping it full of energy and passion. The words take flight from the stage and circle the enthralled audience’s ears leaving them feeling giddy and dizzy.

New Music – In Sanity ‘Mixed Feels & Uncleared Samples’ (Album)

The album starts off fiercely, with a statement of intent and a middle finger to the established norm. A sample mocking the hypocritical fascination with independence in the mainstream, before leading into “Awkward Flow”, a track that exhibits precisely the level of intensity Eiren and Catharsis plan to come at you with on this. In the break, …

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