Rambling Rich: Twisted Eurovisions

We’re stuck with shit politicians we didn’t elect, shit TV personalities we didn’t want to watch, and shit music we don’t want to listen to. We’ve got a political shit in our mouths, and another is about to be served up to us.


Boomtown Diaries: Chapter 8

I pry my crusted over eyelids open to see that my face is half submerged into a lake of beer presumably spilled the night before. A half smoked cigarette butt floats past as I slowly lift my head out of the muck.

Fat Freddys Drop Boomtown Interview

The Boomtown press office was kind enough to provide us with some lovely interviews with some of the headlining acts at this years festival, we are not going to pass it off as our own work as we just don’t get down like that. But seeings as Fat Freddys Drop are one of the acts…

Boomtown Chapter 8 Preview

As I begin to pack my grubby little knapsack full of the essential trappings necessary to spend another week in the countries centre of debauchery and deviancy I am forced to reflect upon the journey that brought me here. I guess I’m what you could describe as a Boomtown veteran, I have watched the fair…

Boomtown Fair 2016 Preview

It’s that time of year again; the birds are chirping, the sun has his hat on and the pretty little animals are humping merrily producing cute little baby furry things. But most importantly, free from the gloom and chill of the winter months we can finally start looking forward to this years festival season. For…