New Music – Sanchez 77 ‘The Wrong Club’

The Wrong Club is what we can only assume is the latest single from Sanchez 77‘s E.P, ‘Scribble Republic’. The track reeks of this British, Sex Pistol-ly punk sound that Sanchez 77 have really got a firm grip of and have made their own.

My first quibble with the track is that it is just too precise. Every note is hit with a sharp, clean accuaracy, and it just make the whole track sound like its been programmed by a computer. Usually this would be a positive but if I’m listening to a punk track I want to hear the human error, I want to hear the sleazy attitude that defines the genre.

Another huge characteristic of punk is passion, and its something that this track lacks, there just isn’t a great deal of passion in the vocals. Passion isn’t something these guys lack away from the music but it feels like the vocalist is recording late at night and doesn’t want to wake the neighbours. Also it appears he is in two minds about what voice he wants to use. His own natural singing voice is given a little bit of attitude with a hint of London punk and personally, I think the latter works better, it really gets me into that punk mood.

In terms of the instrumentation, I wasn’t over-enthused about the rhythm section’s contribution to the track, and in truth it was rather… well, rhythm-less, the bass just doesn’t work with the drums and it really takes away from the composition of what is actually a well written track.

With songs like this I wouldn’t tip these guys to become mega stars but they have a sound and a focus that can see them become a staple in their local scene. Sanchez 77 just look like a couple of guys who really just enjoy writing and playing music together, so perhaps I have been a little scathing of their work, I’ll let you be the judge.

Words by Robert Hiscock

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